Fitzwilliam Police Department and City Jail


As we are in questionable occasions during the progressing COVID-19 pandemic, we are finding a way to guarantee the wellbeing and security or our inhabitants and network. 


Starting now and into the foreseeable future we will be confining access to the Public Safety Building. If you must report a wrongdoing or have general inquiries, we urge you to do as such via telephone, or by email, and permit our officials to evaluate your interests. 


Guests to the facility will be coordinated to utilize the Fitzwilliam Police Office outside hands free phone. You will see a blue box just to one side of the Police Office entryway, set apart with a light blue light. The phone permits an immediate connect to the Fitzwilliam Police Office just as County Dispatch Center, for crisis and non-crisis administrations. 


To connect to an official push the call button, then the call is associated a green light will initiate. On the off chance that the Police or Fire Administrative Assistant or the Fitzwilliam Police are inaccessible the Dispatch will at that point answer the call, it would be ideal if you inform them regarding your area and of your crisis or non-crisis demand. This phone can likewise be utilized to report fire crises. 


For wellbeing reasons, the phone has been customized that once a call has been started it cannot be dropped. 


As usual if you have a crisis, it would be ideal if you call 911.


Speed Enforcement and Study

As inhabitants we will in general become open to going on similar streets throughout each day. So agreeable in certainty that signs become "backdrop". We become increasingly open to going past the posted speed cutoff points and corners we once eased back for, are currently taken effortlessly. Be that as it may, inside seconds the startling can happen and catastrophe can occur. Regardless of whether it is a squirrel walking around the road, uncertain which course to go when it comes more regrettable. 


Did you realize that it only takes 1.5 seconds to respond to an activity? For instance: Picture yourself voyaging 30 MPH down a two-path nation street with another vehicle going the other way. Out of nowhere a pooch runs into the street 100 feet away.


Then you see the pooch and respond 1.5 seconds after the fact, which implies your vehicle has just voyage 67.5 feet. The normal halting separation for a vehicle voyaging 30 MPH is 75 feet. Your vehicle has now voyage 142.5 feet before grinding to a halt. With any karma and frantic driving aptitudes, you have missed the vehicle going the other way and your neighbor's canine, yet the chances are against you. Include climate and street conditions and that frightening circumstance has another result. 


We should all be insightful of posted speed restrains, our environmental factors, street conditions, response times and our vehicles halting separation. 


Alongside watching the streets, Fitzwilliam Police use their speed trailer to remind us of posted speed cutoff points and make us mindful of our speed. The following is only a couple of insights taken from the speed device.


Project Childsafe

Task ChildSafe is the biggest, most far reaching guns wellbeing training program in the U.S including at the Fitzwilliam Police Department. It was created by the National Shooting Sports Foundation, the exchange relationship for the guns business, and is focused on advancing veritable guns wellbeing through the dissemination of security training messages and free gun Safety Kits.


The packs incorporate a link style firearm locking gadget and a pamphlet (additionally accessible in Spanish) that examines safe dealing with and secure capacity rules to help stop access by unapproved people. 


Venture ChildSafe is a genuine gun’s security arrangement that helps make networks more secure. Since 1999, more than 15,000 law requirement offices have cooperated with the program to appropriate more than 37-million-gun security units to weapon proprietors in every one of the 50 states and five U.S. domains.


Through essential associations with chose authorities, network pioneers, state organizations, organizations, the guns business and different partners, Project ChildSafe has helped bring issues to light about the protected and dependable responsibility for and the significance of putting away guns safely when not being used to help forestall mishaps, robbery and abuse.


Fitzwilliam City Jail

The Fitzwilliam City Jail is a police jail that is worked by the Fitzwilliam Police Department. This office is situated in the city of Fitzwilliam. 


Because of the restricted measure of room this office is a momentary office. The wrongdoers that are not qualified to make bail are shipped to the state, area, or government jail. 


Most of the guilty parties that are taken to this medium security jail are here for minor wrongdoing allegations. The wrongdoers are viewed consistently and do not have security. 


The wrongdoers remain in their single-individual cells often. Nonetheless, there are assigned occasions where the detainee is permitted to go to the basic zone (this is the place they can stare at the TV, play prepackaged games, banter with one another, and so on), library and the entertainment territory.



All approaching mail to the Fitzwilliam City Jail will be required to have the legitimate name of the wrongdoer. This name will be required to coordinate to the name the person was reserved and prepared under. 


You will likewise need to remember for the envelope their wrongdoer number alongside their lodging area too. 


You should remember that all mail that is sent to the Fitzwilliam City Jail will be opened to be investigated. The main mail that will not be opened without the prisoner will be their legitimate mail from their lawful guidance. 


Kindly do not send welcoming cards or photographs to the office. 



Wrongdoers inside the Fitzwilliam City Jail will have the chance to utilize the phones that are in all the general lodging units. 


Wrongdoers can make calls to their friends and family between the long periods of 8 am to 11 pm. As a companion or a relative of the guilty party, you will get the opportunity to make a prepaid phone account through ICSolutions. This will permit you to put cash on the guilty party's telephone account, so they can approach the telephone utility.



There are times when detainees need cash so they can make buys from the grocery store just as to buy a telephone intend to call their friends and family. 


If you might want to finance a detainee's record you should contact the Fitzwilliam City Jail work force. You can likewise utilize the booth that is situated in the jail hall. Most booths acknowledge significant acknowledge and check cards just as money. There is an assistance expense to utilize this administration.